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Reefer containers require due care and diligence throughout the transportation process due to the perishable nature of cargo that they carry. Proper maintenance of refrigerated containers is therefore crucial to their performance while in transit. Understanding the criticality of the cargo, Amal specializes in maintenance and monitoring of reefer containers. In order to offer best services the company places a special emphasis on training its staff which comprises electrical and electronic engineers as well as technicians. The company's engineers go through a rigorous training programme directly from the manufacturers of reefer machinery. For speedy turnaround of containers, Amal maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts. Taking its services a step further, the company has a mobile team on patrol to cater to any reefers that may need servicing while in transit. In addition, a monitoring team maintains constant vigil on laden reefer containers to check their temperature and functioning.

We also provide running repairs to reefer containers whilst loading or discharging in the terminals, thereby effecting repairs quickly and cost effectively.

Complete Facilities:

>> Pre-trip inspection.
>> Hi-pressure water faucets.
>> Temperature regulation as per shipping lines guidelines.
>> Onsite engineers.
>> On site store for maintenance of spare parts.
>> Compressor/circuit board repair.
>> Periodic testing on contract.
>> Mobile patrol team.