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We have extensive facilities for dry container repair and refurbishment. Our terminals can handle upto 80-100 containers in a day for a variety of jobs from cleaning, washing to welding and fumigation.

The company has all facilities and equipment required for repair and maintenance of dry containers. Skilled workforce comprising welders, cutters, painters, etc ensure a quality job, while the presence of on site admin staff and qualified surveyors simplify things for our customers. All employees go through a training and refresher program every six months to ensure optimal efficiency. With daily online reporting facilities we keep customers informed on the status of delivery.

Amal Logistics provides complete services including pick and drop from port to port, before and after maintenance / repair work, to facilitate this it maintains a fleet of trailers.

It also maintains a separate division for fabrication of special containers, like portacabins and bunk houses, etc. On site repair shed, welding equipment, workshop and warehouse provide a complete array of solutions for customers.

Complete Facilities:

>> Hi-pressure water jet.
>> Welding machines.
>> Oxygen and Acetylene cutting machines.
>> Grinding machines.
>> Separate cleaning & washing areas.